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Single-girder crane of choose and buy when the need to pay attention to what issues?

Single-girder crane need to be aware of when the choose and buy content are many, but there are primary and secondary. If choose carelessly will directly affect the production use in the future, may result in an increase in the late maintenance cost, the increase of potential safety hazard. All here and we talk about the choose and buy when single-girder crane need pay attention to what issues?
1, quality: most of the customers on the crane is not enough to understand, more can't see the stand or fall of quality. Some may know about motor, steel slightly, but for the crane of the transmission part and electrical part is not clear. This is also the core part of the crane, transmission part includes electric hoist, brake, reducer, etc., when we can't distinguish cases can listen to the voice of quality. Typically, good quality sound transmission is smaller. About electrical system should use one of the brand, such as chint, hankook, schneider, Siemens, and so on.
2, price: everyone wants to be able to more cheaper price, if we clear the equipment configuration and quality of the same class of course choose cheaper.
3, detail: we can also by the quality of the details, such as uniform, do you have any leakage welding seam, appearance treated? The pick line on one side of the main girder frame is what material? Is the steel wire rope traction, or welded? These can be from the details determine the quality of the whole.
4, the brand: brand determines the quality and price, recommend single-girder crane of choose and buy when choose a big brand. The quality of the big brands and services more secure.
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