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Industry dynamic

The installation of the crane structure

Crane hoisting mechanism, car running and bridge structure, organization and bridge crane basic same. Crane operation mechanism, because of the large span mostly adopts respectively drive way, in order to prevent the crane skewed operation and increase the resistance, or even an accident.
Installation problem level bridge crane is set in two forms door frame in the shape of a leg of a bridge type crane. This kind of crane in orbit on the ground, mainly used in outdoor storage yard, dock, station, port and railway station, handling and installation operations.
In bridge crane lifting trolley frame running, some lifting trolley is a boom type crane. Leg on either side of the bridge are generally rigid leg; Spans more than 30 meters, is often a side for rigid leg, but on the other side through the ball joint and the bridge connecting the flexible leg, make the door frame statically determinate system, so that you can avoid outer load under the action of the additional stress due to the lateral thrust, also can compensate bridge longitudinal temperature deformation of the gantry crane windage area is large, in order to prevent the slide under the action of strong wind overturned or, with a sonde and interlock with running institutions of crane rail device. On both ends of the bridge can be without the cantilever; Can also be end cantilever or ends are cantilever, by expanding the scope of the job. Semi gantry crane bridge side leg, the other end without a leg and run directly in the tower of the rack.
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